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Tragic update on the three cheetah cubs

  One cheetah cub died today in Nairobi National Park’s orphanage. An article regarding what is happening is on examiner. The last two cubs need to be released to the Mara Conservancy immediately! Kenya’s wildlife is so precious, so for … Continue reading

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Cheetah cub update: courtesy of Kenya Wildlife Service they now are in an orphanage

The Kenya Wildlife Service has relocated the three cheetah cubs to Nairobi National Park’s orphanage. The latest video portrays the cubs in a cement cell. Even if they are moved within the orphanage is this in their best interest?       Unless … Continue reading

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Did the translocation of elephants into Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve backfire?

Translocation of elephants from Narok North into Maasai Mara was on the Kenya Wildlife Service’s (KWS) agenda during September. According to the KWS, as of a few days ago phase one is complete and a huge success.  But how does … Continue reading

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This week something good happened for Kenya’s elephants

Kenya and six other African nations took an official stand against ivory poaching. The Kenya Wildlife Service designated Monday as the first ever “African Elephant Law Enforcement Day” followed by an assortment of celebratory events that ended Wednesday with the … Continue reading

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Elephant extermination

Once again, I hear about another massacre of elephants in Kenya. This time a family. These poachers, these so-called humans cutting up elephants for ivory, destroying families, creating more orphans for Dame Daphne Sheldrick’s orphanage to take care of, should … Continue reading

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