Welcome back to the Makena Safari Tales blog!

Welcome back!

Global destabilization of wildlife,  and the current administration’s anti-conservation doings has prompted me to re-introduce my blog. 

My mission: To provide you with tales that are conservation driven, sometimes controversial, but respectful without vitriol.

So, in the coming months, look for interviews celebrating researchers, wildlife vets, artists, writers and photographers who work to save our precious wildlife.

Look for stories about travel – ground operators, tour companies and conservancies who promote conservation; and reviews on books and periodicals that focus on Africa and wildlife.

Most of all, it’s about hope, and what we can do to assist ongoing conservation efforts that will provide a more secure future for every living thing.

***The devastating deaths of Kenya’s relocated Rhinos***

I am sure the Kenya Wildlife Service and the World Wildlife Fund know that the debacle was inexcusable. Several officials have been suspended, but is that enough?

My hope is that this will never ever happen again to any species that KWS relocates. The incident reminds me of September 2011 when KWS relocated elephants into the Mara with subsequent tragic results. To read story

*An update – the 11th rhino has survived and presently healing from a lion attack.

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Thanks so much!

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