Conservation Info

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
Dame Daphne Sheldrick’s animal orphanage in Nairobi National Park. Her charity benefits black rhinos and orphaned elephants, and is also involved in community outreach. The Trust also supports the Kenya Wildlife Service desnaring units. For information on how you can adopt an orphan please visit her website:

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy                                                                                                 The Conservancy is front and center protecting rhinos and Grevy’s Zebra. We have Anna Merz to thank for this as she was influential in the creation of Lewa. Her legacy will live on forever. They are at:

The Amboseli Trust for Elephants                                                                              Famed elephant researcher Cynthia Moss and her staff have been studying Amboseli’s elephants forever. I don’t know what Kenya and the world would do without her!  She is a gift and continues to need our support. The Trust is at:

The Big Life Foundation                                                                                                     Nick Brandt, a wildlife photographer and well-known conservationist Richard Bonham established this Foundation. They are on the frontlines of the poaching epidemic, fighting poachers almost daily and they could use your help.  The Foundation is at:

East African Wildlife Society
A longtime conservation group in Kenya promoting education and projects aiding in conservation efforts.

The Royal Society for Protection of Birds and BirdLife Intl.                                         Both organizations are passionate about the well-being of birdlife and the environment worldwide. Birdlife has been at the forefront waging a war against the production of a soda ash plant at Lake Natron in Tanzania. Natron is the one and only breeding ground for the East African Lesser Flamingo. So far Birdlife is winning the war.   or

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