What is it about Kenya that tugs at our soul?

For generations, authors, lovers, travelers, hunters, and conservationists have eloquently described the country’s intriguing lure. Author and adventurer, Vivienne de Watteville sums it up in her book, Speak to the Earth…

“Before I had gone out as a stranger, knowing nothing of what Africa held in store for me; now, I was returning because I was under the spell; for Africa had taught me that only in primitive vastnesses can one find oneself and grasp the meaning of the word Unity.”

From the minute I arrived in Nairobi for the first time in 1982, I knew I was home. There was something larger than life itself, something ethereal that had put me in that place, in that moment. Even years later, the “what” has continued to remain unanswered.

Many travelers returning from Africa share the same feeling and some continue to search for the “what.” During my April 2008 trip, I just knew I would find the answer, but by the time I boarded the plane for home I realized it wasn’t meant to be. Perhaps, if we truly knew what Kenya’s spell is then the country would become commonplace.

Africa is my inspiration to write, but before writing I was in the safari business, so this site is about both – African tales and custom safaris.

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