“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

In 1982, when my life took a sharp turn and pushed me towards Kenya, I never dreamed how much the country would change me.

Words muttered by my boss started my journey, “If you can take care of a bunch of Mary Makena Biographyjuvenile delinquents, then you can take a bunch of tourists on safari.”

Not two months later, I flew off to Kenya, ill prepared to lead a safari group and scared to death, having never been east of St. Louis, Missouri in my life. The first trip ended with a bang, when I became trapped in Nairobi during the country’s one and only coup attempt. Despite the horrific events, my love affair with Africa had begun and so did life as a tour director.

My travel career has spanned 15 plus years mostly working in wholesale African travel as a tour director, coordinator, sales rep and manager. I now organize and lead safaris on a request only basis.

During each safari I started to journal about my experiences, so now I’m working on an adventure novel based loosely on my travels throughout East Africa during the 1980s.

I’m also a freelance writer with most of my articles focusing on wildlife conservation and travel within East Africa.

Fellow with International League of Conservation Writers (ILCW)

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