Since my feet first hit the tarmac in 1982, I’ve been passionate about Africa. It was as if the universe and I finally took a deep breath and smiled at each other. I felt at home.

Wildlife roaming free, earthy scents, the vibrant hues of a diverse landscape and welcoming Kenyans. All are a breath of fresh air for the soul, which I would love to share with you!

Amboseli Elephants

I design custom safaris that fit your philosophy and personality, taking into consideration the small nuances that will make your African journey unique, then topping it off with a large dose of impeccable customer service – being there for you every inch of the way.

It’s about providing the trip you’ve only dreamed of!

Safari itineraries can include remote locations such as Lake Natron, the breeding ground for the Lesser Flamingo, located in the Rift Valley along the border with Tanzania; or Kakamega Forest, which is a birders delight.  Any location and activity can be accommodated.  *Presently I am working in a consultant capacity only.


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Makena’s Angels: With every safari we give back to various organizations in your name; be it Save the Elephants, Amboseli Trust for Elephants or the Big Life Foundation. The choice is yours!

I also love spreading the word about wildlife conservation and the beauty of Africa, so I’m available to give presentations – for now mostly in the Southwest. Please submit your information and reservation request on the contact page.

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