Packing and Safaris

Packing Treasures for Safaris

Both packing lists were posted on an American news website.

The first article was also one of my first blogs and now revised. It is a list of six treasures to make safari life a bit easier.  Click here to read about those treasures!

After being bitten by a tsetse fly and coming across a cell phone tower jutting awkwardly out of the Mara plains I decided to write about five items that are best left at home.Click here to read about those items.

**Kenya has banned all plastic bags to include Ziploc. However, I have been informed that tourists are taking in multi-use Ziploc bags without issues. But that cannot be guaranteed, and you still maybe stopped and fined. Always double check with your travel agent or tour operator for the latest information.


Since my feet first hit the tarmac in 1982, I’ve been passionate about Africa. It was as if the universe and I finally took a deep breath and smiled at each other. I felt at home.

Wildlife roaming free, earthy scents, the vibrant hues of a diverse landscape and welcoming Kenyans. All are a breath of fresh air for the soul, which I would love to share with you!

Presently, custom safaris are on a request only basis, so please email me per the address listed on my contact page.

Please keep in mind I only design safaris that are conservation based, and use ground operators with the same philosophy.

Amboseli Elephants

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