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International ramifications of poaching

Poaching: It’s not Kenya’s problem, nor South Africa’s nor every other country where the vile act is occurring. It is everyone’s problem.  A worldwide issue. Therefore, this morning the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations held a hearing labeled: Ivory and … Continue reading

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Cheetah cub update: courtesy of Kenya Wildlife Service they now are in an orphanage

The Kenya Wildlife Service has relocated the three cheetah cubs to Nairobi National Park’s orphanage. The latest video portrays the cubs in a cement cell. Even if they are moved within the orphanage is this in their best interest?       Unless … Continue reading

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Is it the Mara Triangle or an orphanage for three cheetah cubs?

Three cheetah cubs are the center of controversy brewing in Kenya’s Mara Triangle, which is managed by the Mara Conservancy. The link I have provided describes the circumstances surrounding the three orphans. Their precarious state represents the quandary officials face … Continue reading

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