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Today is World Wildlife Conservation Day

Today, December 4th, is the first ever World Wildlife Conservation Day as decreed by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. To view her statement please click on State Department It’s encouraging to learn that the State Department is becoming more … Continue reading

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International ramifications of poaching

Poaching: It’s not Kenya’s problem, nor South Africa’s nor every other country where the vile act is occurring. It is everyone’s problem.  A worldwide issue. Therefore, this morning the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations held a hearing labeled: Ivory and … Continue reading

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Wildlife harassment

I’ve just finished posting the first three parts of my series on wildlife harassment in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve. I was unable to attach the video to part three due to a software glitch, so here it is: Thank … Continue reading

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The debacle of wildlife harassment

Anyone who has ever been on safari has seen the scenario of a multitude of vehicles loaded with tourists up way too close and personal with wildlife, usually carnivores. Years ago during my first trip to Kenya, I was one … Continue reading

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The world’s wildlife need our support

There’s a reason why animals that are not traditional pets or farm animals are called wildlife. They are meant to stay wild. Not hoarded. Not bought for someone’s pleasure. Not stuffed in cages or paraded around in a circus. Not … Continue reading

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