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Happy New Year’s, or is it for Africa’s wildlife?

New Years – a time of renewal, resolutions, hope. I had hoped my New Year’s message would reflect that, but it doesn’t. Since the birth of the New Year the poaching epidemic has blossomed with a vengeance, and I don’t … Continue reading

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Today is World Wildlife Conservation Day

Today, December 4th, is the first ever World Wildlife Conservation Day as decreed by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. To view her statement please click on State Department It’s encouraging to learn that the State Department is becoming more … Continue reading

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International ramifications of poaching

Poaching: It’s not Kenya’s problem, nor South Africa’s nor every other country where the vile act is occurring. It is everyone’s problem.  A worldwide issue. Therefore, this morning the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations held a hearing labeled: Ivory and … Continue reading

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The tragedy of poaching

This video may have been filmed in 2002, but it’s timeless and continues to drive home the tragedy of poaching.  Please click on the link for the video. Wanted Dead or Alive Please check out African Environmental Film Foundation’s site … Continue reading

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Did the translocation of elephants into Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve backfire?

Translocation of elephants from Narok North into Maasai Mara was on the Kenya Wildlife Service’s (KWS) agenda during September. According to the KWS, as of a few days ago phase one is complete and a huge success.  But how does … Continue reading

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This week something good happened for Kenya’s elephants

Kenya and six other African nations took an official stand against ivory poaching. The Kenya Wildlife Service designated Monday as the first ever “African Elephant Law Enforcement Day” followed by an assortment of celebratory events that ended Wednesday with the … Continue reading

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Woodland Park Zoo Elephants Endure Deplorable Living Conditions as Release Efforts Continue

No word can adequately describe the hideous life that Bamboo, Watoto and Chai endure in Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo.  Imagine a prisoner who ends up in solitary confinement. A tiny cell barely big enough to turn around. No social interaction. … Continue reading

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Dame Daphne Sheldrick’s Animal Orphanage Makes it to IMAX

  The Sheldrick WildlifeTrust’s precious infant elephants are now galumphing across IMAX screens everywhere. The latest 3D IMAX movie “Born To Be Wild” was unveiled over the weekend.  It’s a poignant view into the lives of two extraordinary women  and … Continue reading

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