Mother rhino poached while giving birth

Yesterday in South Africa a mother rhino was poached while giving birth.  It seems as the year goes by poachers are becoming more and more twisted to the point where the word “human” no longer defines them – not that it ever did.

On the Outraged South African Citizens Against Poaching face book page the count of rhinos poached is now at 629 for 2012.  If poaching continues at this rate I shudder to contemplate what 2013 will bring.

According to the State Department, and conservationists who have testified in front of Congress regarding the global poaching epidemic the war is on, but if something is not done soon it will not matter!

Awareness and money seem to be key components in stopping this war.  Global public outcry is imperative to spur governments into action bypassing the political rhetoric. Money is imperative to fund the front-line defenses against these wildlife terrorists who are becoming more high-tech and brazen as time goes on.  They are probably sitting in the African bush right now laughing at the rest of the world because they get by with this cruelty time and time again.

This new year is the time to act!   2013 needs to be the year where we can look back and say “yes, collectively we made a difference and our wildlife became secure.”  It can be done!  We need the financial clout and voices!

Meanwhile until we can get Pass the Torch for Rhinos and Elephants literally up and running for 2013, three conservation organizations that could use your help are Big Life Foundation and Lewa Conservancy in East Africa, and Palala Rhino Sanctuary in South Africa.

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