Elephant extermination

Once again, I hear about another massacre of elephants in Kenya. This time a family.

These poachers, these so-called humans cutting up elephants for ivory, destroying families, creating more orphans for Dame Daphne Sheldrick’s orphanage to take care of, should be caught and sent to the Middle East where justice is in-kind, harsh and final.

The reason why this pachyderm family was butchered was in retaliation for the arrest of these so-called humans’ “gang boss.”

elephant family circa 1982

So now these so-called humans are slaughtering wildlife in anger?

If this keeps up, whatever the Kenya Wildlife Service does will be in vain. Kenya needs tourism, but without wildlife the tourism industry will be gone. The country will sink into an abyss bigger than the Rift Valley.

Kenya needs to get a grip on what’s happening and soon. It already maybe too late.

I’ve written quite a few articles about this ongoing struggle in Kenya.

In my articles regarding East Africa, I’ve alluded to the fact that the Chinese have something to do with poaching. Then there’s the bushmeat trade, Kenyans and others out to make money. Most of the time, I’ve kept my opinion out of the article – the correct way to report – to write. I’ve conformed to “their” rules.

I’m done being nice and diplomatic. I’m fed up. I liken Kenya’s elephant extermination to the holocaust.

It’s deplorable.

The photo I have seen is too graphic to even post on this blog.

If you want to help and read more, please go to: the petitionsite.com and sign the petition.

The link referenced in this article:  www.thepetitionsite.com/25/stop-the-cruelity




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