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Is it the Mara Triangle or an orphanage for three cheetah cubs?

Three cheetah cubs are the center of controversy brewing in Kenya’s Mara Triangle, which is managed by the Mara Conservancy. The link I have provided describes the circumstances surrounding the three orphans. Their precarious state represents the quandary officials face … Continue reading

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Wildlife and plastic bags

Plastic bags – a convenience for our society with a plethora of uses, but not so for wildlife. Increasingly, these bags or plastic containers are shown in news footage enshrouding the head of an inquisitive animal, or much worse smothering the animal … Continue reading

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Game drive guidelines are here!

Since I wrote stories on wildlife harassment and game drive guidelines, readers have been requesting copies.  Therefore, I have created a tab “game drive guidelines” on this site where you can click and download your PDF copy of those guidelines to … Continue reading

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May 2012 be a better year for the world’s wildlife

Happy New Year to all and many blessings for 2012! I pray that 2012 will bring solutions to the many issues that plague the world’s wildlife: poaching, human/wildlife conflict, wildlife harassment, vanishing habitat, trophy hunting and the bushmeat trade. As … Continue reading

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Humans are the predators…

Each year 600 lion hunting permits are sold in Africa with 556 of those going to Americans. Filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert, who live in Botswana and document the lives of lions mentioned this on Nightline last night. Their documentary … Continue reading

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Wildlife harassment

I’ve just finished posting the first three parts of my series on wildlife harassment in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve. I was unable to attach the video to part three due to a software glitch, so here it is: Thank … Continue reading

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The debacle of wildlife harassment

Anyone who has ever been on safari has seen the scenario of a multitude of vehicles loaded with tourists up way too close and personal with wildlife, usually carnivores. Years ago during my first trip to Kenya, I was one … Continue reading

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The tragedy of poaching

This video may have been filmed in 2002, but it’s timeless and continues to drive home the tragedy of poaching.  Please click on the link for the video. Wanted Dead or Alive Please check out African Environmental Film Foundation’s site … Continue reading

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The world’s wildlife need our support

There’s a reason why animals that are not traditional pets or farm animals are called wildlife. They are meant to stay wild. Not hoarded. Not bought for someone’s pleasure. Not stuffed in cages or paraded around in a circus. Not … Continue reading

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Did the translocation of elephants into Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve backfire?

Translocation of elephants from Narok North into Maasai Mara was on the Kenya Wildlife Service’s (KWS) agenda during September. According to the KWS, as of a few days ago phase one is complete and a huge success.  But how does … Continue reading

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