London Heathrow’s Yotel is Your Answer for Lengthy Layovers

What the heck is a Yotel? I found out when the price of my cheap ticket to Kenya  came with a ten hour layover in London.

Yotel's premium cabin

I had my layover planned – I would shove my carryon luggage in secure storage, catch a bus to Hampton’s Court Palace, take in the sights, then make it back to the airport in time for my connecting flight.

But I didn’t count on miserable weather and feeling ill, so I located the Yotel in Terminal 4 and was lucky enough to book a cabin at the last minute.

Yep!  They call the rooms cabins.

I chose a standard cabin, and as I walked down the hall toward my room the design of the place made me think I was on a cruise ship or on a train’s sleeping car, and half expected to feel the hall sway or hear the clatter of train tracks.

When I opened the cabin door, bluish-purple mood lighting illuminated the space that was about the size of a very large walk-in closet.  I had concerns the space was too small, but it was light and large enough to keep me from a claustrophobic bolt.

A single, built-in bunk was on one wall opposite the bathroom and a pullout table was anchored to the far wall. If colorful mood lighting is not your thing, a dimmer switch controls the intensity, which can also be switched over to normal lighting.

Besides the standard cabin, three other types are offered:  a premium – the largest with a double bed, a twin that holds two large single bunks and a wheelchair accessible room.  All cabins are furnished with flat screen TV’s, entertainment systems, free Wi-Fi and en suite baths with rain showers.

Amenities such as converters are provided free of charge from the front desk, plus light meals and snacks are available through 24-hour room service.

Yotel is a great layover option for the convenience and relaxation. Prices are reasonable for London and well worth it to assuage the effect of jet lag. They accept reservations through their web site and require a four hour minimum stay.

In June, Yotel is coming to New York City, and with it all sorts of innovative surprises such as a Yobot that stashes your luggage. The eclectic property is located at Times Square West. They will have 669 cabins with rates starting at $149.

Here’s a great video of the New York property – makes me want to pack my bags!

You Tube video

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