Dame Daphne Sheldrick’s Animal Orphanage Makes it to IMAX


The Sheldrick WildlifeTrust’s precious infant elephants are now galumphing across IMAX screens everywhere.

The latest 3D IMAX movie “Born To Be Wild” was unveiled over the weekend.  It’s a poignant view into the lives of two extraordinary women  and their gifts to the world:  the orangutan orphanage in Borneo and the elephant orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya.

Back to the stables for the night

As an adoptive parent of three of the Trust’s orphans, I’m thrilled  the orphanage made it to IMAX because they need all the help they can get.  The costs are exorbitant to raise an infant from the day of its arrival until its eventual release into the wild.  Presently there are 18 orphans under Sheldrick’s care.

Because elephant emotions and family life mirror humans, the infants arrive at the orphanage severely traumatized.  Some die.  The orphans that do survive, usually require medications and have expensive vet bills. During their infant and toddler years, they may not need pampers or have all the latest nursery accoutrements, but they do require constant care and drink pricy formula.

In her book “The Orphans of Tsavo,” Dame Daphne Sheldrick says, “I have found in my orphans the same individuality that marks every member of the human race, and I have come to look upon them, not as four-legged machines put here for the benefit of mankind, but as creatures with as much right to enjoy the world God gave them as we have.”


Sneaking a drink

I urge everyone to see this film and maybe become an adoptive parent.

For an in-depth look into Kenya’s elephant emergency, and how you can help the Sheldrick Wildlife Orphanage please check out my article.   The link is also posted under  the “tales” tab.

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